Teams and Riders


  • -  CLICHé (EU): riders: Kyron Davis, Flo Mirtain, Kevin Bradley, Lem Villemin

In the summer of 1997, Jeremie Daclin launched Cliché Skateboards with little more than a Franc and a dream in Lyon, France.
Cliché has hooked up some of the world’s best skateboarders, put Europe’s biggest spots on the map, released several of the most critically acclaimed videos ever and changed skateboarding’s geographic scope forever more. Cliché won the Transworld Best Team award in 2006, still a first for a skate company based on the other side of the Atlantic.
This is the fourth time they get the chance to see their obstacle realized and they are ready to session in Paris with rookie pro Flo Mirtain, new AM Kevin Bradley, UK’s own Kyron Davis & Lem Villmemin. Bon Voyage!
Al Boglio, Cliché Skateboards


  •  - BLIND Skateboards: Kevin Romar, Tj Rogers, Sewa and Sam Beckett

Mark Gonzales, one of the pioneer’s of modern Skateboarding, founded blind in the late 80’s. He chose the name because he was willing to get a radical change from his ex board sponsor: Vision! This company became famous after the release of their “Video days” movie, which was an outstanding & anticipated video production in the Skateboard brands landscape in 1991. Blind have just dropped their latest video Damn… with their close knit team full of extremely talented skaters that you will be able to witness at Downtown Showdown.
Scott Howes – Blind EMEA Marketing-

  • SWEET Skateboards: Gustav Tönneson, Josef Scott Jatta, Jonas Skröder, Nisse Ingemarsson

Sweet Sktbs started back in 99 with a couple of stickers and a t-shirt in the small town of Trollhättan, Sweden.
Thomas Löfgren the man behind Sweet had big dreams but it would take him several years until he could build a proper team and get the brand out of the local store and in to the skateboard world.
Eventually some of the original guys like Erik Pettersson, Daniel Spängs for an example moved down to Spain and hooked up friends whom also had migrated from Sweden, add to that a moviemaker of class Isak Lindbergand all of a sudden there was a solid team with someone capturing it on film. With everyone living down south we got the first video done pretty fast when not having to worry about cobblestone and sub zero Swedish conditions.
Björn Holmenas, Sweet Skateboards Team Manager

Antiz 110x82
  • A N T I Z (EU): Sam Partaix, Dominic Dietrich, Samu Karvonen, Dallas Rockvam

Antiz was co-founded by 10-year veteran of the Vans skate team Hugo Liard in the early 2000’s. Their credo being ‘By hardcore Skaters for Skaters’, Hugo has endeavoured to create a brand that corresponds to the way he skates with a strong connection to rock music and im- agery. Refreshingly, the goal was not to make money, but to produce boards that he and his riders would like to skate. To- day, the Antiz team is well known for being full of out and out rippers, who won last years’ Best Team Award.


  • -  D E A T H (EU): Rob Smith, Adam Moss, Mikey Patrick, Moggins

These guys don’t mess about… they can be described purists…eating, drinking, sweating and bleeding Skateboarding. This comes from deep inside and manifests itself in their attitude and non-conformist graphics. “Team Death are really looking forward to skating the unfailingly coolest comp obstacles, and of course enjoying the fun and memorable times that are always on offer at the Downtown showdown. It is a highlight of our year every time.”
-Nick Zorlac


  • -  E L E M E N T (EU): Ross McGouran, Phil Zwijsen, Nassim Guammaz, Karsten Kleppan

“Created in 1992, Element is one of the strongest skateboard brands out there today. Through the last twenty plus years, some of the most influential skateboarders have been associated with the tree logo company including Natas Kaupas, Ray Barbee and Donnie Barley. 20 years on and Element continues to breed some of the best skateboarders today. From Evan Smith to Madars Apse, Nyjah Huston to Mark Appleyard.
The Element Europe team is one of the most solid of the the old continent. Check out the recently released Hold It Down video, including Vans riders Phil Zwijsen, Nassim Guammaz and Ross McGouran’s parts.


  • -  FLIP (US): Geoff Rowley, Ben Nordberg, Luan Oliveira, Louie Lopez

“When Flip comes over to Europe from California, it’s like a home coming party. Flip was founded long ago in Europe from the humblest of beginnings and made a giant leap to California in 1994. They became world famous for consistently producing the most heavyweight skateboarders, The Flip Team is truly representative of an international family within skateboarding. Whether it’s legends like Geoff Rowley from the UK or new rippers like Luan Oliveira from Brazil, the guys travel the world in pursuit of fun and even an occasional trophy. No other team comes close to the diversity of talent within Flip, and they remain the pride of European skateboarding’s roots. All terrains, all of the time; Flip’s team blows minds. Whatever you do though, don’t ever call them “athletes”.


  • -  P A L A C E Skateboards (EU): Lucien Clarke, Chewy Cannon, Rory Milanese, Olly Todd

A relative new comer that has firmly made it’s mark on the global skate scene, Palace is the quintessential London skate brand. Palace is the brainchild of Turkish gangster Lev Tanju, who, along with ample amounts of graphic help from Will Bankhead and Fergadelic has created an understated visual identity for the brand that stands out from the crowd. Complimented by some London’s best talent the Palace guys take everything in their stride and are always fun to watch skate. 


  • RADIO Skateboards (US): Lenni Burmeister, Octavio Trindade, Valeri Rosomako, Bastien Marlin

Radio was founded 10 years in Berlin Kreuzber, what we still represent. Most of our Team riders are from Berlin exept Octavio and Bastien. Lennie and Valle are Pro’s on Ra- dio. 2006 we made a Video with the Name Radio Activ Kids. And we won Kingpin the Drive last year. We will release a Video end of this year.


  • ISLE Skateboards: Nick Jensen, Chris Jones, Sylvain Tognelli, Tom Knox

100% skater-owned and operated, Isle launched in early 2013, presenting a unique visual aesthetic alongside a team of well-respected skaters from around the globe.


  • METROPOLITAN: Steve Ramy, Vincent Bressol, JJ Rousseau, Lee Smith

Metropolitan skate-boards is a French company, established in 2006 in Rouen (France).
The company is ran by Chloé BERNARD and David COULIAU both long time French and European skateboard scene activists. The artistic direction is still handled by Marke Newton (UK), who managed to build a strong and original graphical identity for Metropolitan since 2006, using a recogniz- able and simple style. The intervention of guest artists remains, since the origin of the brand, one of our main concerns and one of our guidelines. Our team is made of riders who share a strong background in skateboarding, on a french and interna- tional scale.



  • DROPDEAD: Pedro Barros, Rodolfo Ramos, Evandro Martins,  Guilherme Trakinas

 Drop Dead is a traditional skateboard brand based in Brazil founded 21 years ago. Many well known skaters such as Luan de Oliveira, Alex Carolino, Danny Cerezini, Nilton Neves and others were riding for the brand over the years.The main activity of the brand is to maintain an indoor skate park, doing the best championships in Brazil.