Art Schedule

Bringing his artistic flair to the Vans Downtown Showdown, former Paris resident and graphic artist Mambo, creator of the 2013 Vans Downtown Showdown posters, will be painting one of his signature pieces on a grand scale, live at the Grande Halle. Elsewhere, creative workshops will entertain and inspire, whilst an “off the wall” take on Paris’ traditional markets will keep you away from the Champs Elysees…


Lovenskate T-Shirt Printing and Custom Shoe designs

Get creative with the Lovenskate Crew. The guys have become a household name at all our events and in addition to the T-Shirt printing, the Lovenskate crew have come up with a very special custom shoe activity to show off your creative skills. Print your own Vans Downtown Showdown T-Shirts or design your own shoes and who knoews, you may be chosen as the final winner to receive your very own pair! The guys from Lovenskate will take you through the process and the best thing is you get your own one of…why not bring one of your own clothing items to get printed?

Wah Nails

Want to get your Nails painted? Then head to the Wah Stand and let the girls give you a nail make-over.


Hair dresser

A new feature at Downtown Showdown 2013! You want to refresh your style? Don’t hesitate a minute!… get a classic haircut or try their Waffle haircut to pay homage to Vans! These guys are great artists with scissors, comb & hair!


Live Art

This year, at Downtown Showdown, we are pleased to showcase skills & talent, not only through great Skateboarding, but also with amazing artists. All of them have some strong link with Skateboarding culture and they will work on some masterpieces during the event. Don’t miss this amazing 2013 new feature!


Stencil Wall

Get involved & express yourself in a pure Vans Off The Wall style. Our friends from ATRIA propose to bring to you an amazing Stencil Art experience. You can choose to be creative on their giant wooden wall, or simply use smaller stencils to personalize your griptape.


Half cabs travel exhibition

It’s not everyday you can see that kind of things when you walk in the streets: a Giant Half Cab Shoe laying on the sidewalk! We’ve done it, and we give you the chance to discover the adventures of this giant Vans staple, exclusively at the Downtown Showdown.