Vans Downtown Showdown Artists

In keeping with the city’s past, art plays a prominent role in this year’s Vans Downtown Showdown. Internationally respected artists such as Jay Croft, Jay Howell, Rich Jacobs, Jim “Jimp” Hollingworth, Chris Versteeg, FrenchRuss PopeKev GreyNicolas Thomas and Nicolas Le Borgne will be present to apply their signature style to the iconic Vans “Off The Wall” logo in a show of style and creativity, and in celebration of Vans’ 47 years of skateboarding and street culture. In the wake of the event, Vans will host an online auction of Live Art from the Vans Downtown Showdown, with all proceeds going to A.skate. The auction will include works from the likes of Rich Jacobs, Mambo, French and Jay Croft.